How much does Passages Malibu cost, and is it worth it?

The Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Centre, typically known as Passages Malibu, is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre founded by Pax and Chris Prentiss in 2001, and is famous for being one of the worlds most expensive treatment facilities.

You can read up more on it’s history here:

The cost of treatment at this facility has recently been reported to be as much as $85,500 a month, and regardless of whether the patient completes the program any money deposited to date is kept.

If you have experiences at Passages Malibu, whether good or bad, let your voice be heard here and drop us a comment.

4 thoughts on “How much does Passages Malibu cost, and is it worth it?

  1. cassondra

    It’s a shame this is only for wealthy people…most people in need of these services struggle financially.

  2. Roxana

    The cost is ridicules it may me sick because outside there is alot of people that need help for free and at this place they charge you more than 85,000 per month just becausr of the luxery of the place it make mr sick seen this this people just want the money……. Same treatment they can get for free wtf includes massages bull crap …. It sucks

  3. Pamelia Lorenson

    This is ridiculous! People who really need help in NO way can afford to get it here! It seems all this place is interested in is money!! That is proven by the fact is whether a patient completes the program or not, the money is NOT refunded (if a person leaves before completing the program). What a shame! All they are interested in is money. Guess they can get it from all those celebrity addicts!!

  4. Chris

    If you guys TRUELY cared about helping people, your “services”would not cost anywhere near the outrageous amount you charge. This place seems nothing more than a getaway from life retreat for the wealthy. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe I should open a treatment center because I was doing a quarter ounce of cocaine every 2 days plus taking 25 to 30 lortabs per day and I quit on my own. This is a habit I had everyday for over 10 years. I quit on my own through inner strength and God. Didn’t cost me $85,000 to do it either. You guys really disgust me and I bet there is a special place in hell for you!


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