How much does Passages Malibu cost, and is it worth it?

The Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Centre, typically known as Passages Malibu, is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre founded by Pax and Chris Prentiss in 2001, and is famous for being one of the worlds most expensive treatment facilities.

You can read up more on it’s history here:

The cost of treatment at this facility has recently been reported to be as much as $85,500 a month, and regardless of whether the patient completes the program any money deposited to date is kept.

If you have experiences at Passages Malibu, whether good or bad, let your voice be heard here and drop us a comment.

12 thoughts on “How much does Passages Malibu cost, and is it worth it?

  1. cassondra

    It’s a shame this is only for wealthy people…most people in need of these services struggle financially.

  2. Roxana

    The cost is ridicules it may me sick because outside there is alot of people that need help for free and at this place they charge you more than 85,000 per month just becausr of the luxery of the place it make mr sick seen this this people just want the money……. Same treatment they can get for free wtf includes massages bull crap …. It sucks

  3. Pamelia Lorenson

    This is ridiculous! People who really need help in NO way can afford to get it here! It seems all this place is interested in is money!! That is proven by the fact is whether a patient completes the program or not, the money is NOT refunded (if a person leaves before completing the program). What a shame! All they are interested in is money. Guess they can get it from all those celebrity addicts!!

  4. Chris

    If you guys TRUELY cared about helping people, your “services”would not cost anywhere near the outrageous amount you charge. This place seems nothing more than a getaway from life retreat for the wealthy. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe I should open a treatment center because I was doing a quarter ounce of cocaine every 2 days plus taking 25 to 30 lortabs per day and I quit on my own. This is a habit I had everyday for over 10 years. I quit on my own through inner strength and God. Didn’t cost me $85,000 to do it either. You guys really disgust me and I bet there is a special place in hell for you!

  5. Francis

    Chris…is refreshing to hear that you was successful in quiting on your own…I’m looking for options myself. I have an ahocol addiction, of which I hve try to kick on and off, on my own also; for a few years now….I have relapse every time…When I saw the cost of passages malibu, I almost fainted…anyway, do you have any personal recomendations for me? I really need all the help I can get

  6. J

    Don’t waste your money… If a person really wants to quit something they can, and they will. No program or other person can do it for you. Set your mind, pray, take advantage of all the FREE support and help out there, set up a good support group of the RIGHT family and friends, and even a great Church. Stay productive and busy. If you want to give it up bad enough, and it’s really what you want, you CAN do it, because the truth is, nobody can do it for you; I don’t care what Malibu claims, your ultimate will power and desire is what will determine you ending your addiction.. God Bless you ALL!

  7. Allie

    The sad thing is all these people are right. People who suffer with addiction are not only the high class. THis place is designed for rich brats and trust fund babies not those who really need help. Where I am from $85,000. is more than a household makes in over a year. And where I am from has one of the highest drug use populations in the Unites States. We don’t have a place like this but then again I guess that is why it is in Malibu where are the rich people are. It’s just sad to exploit it like that. As much money as they make he is probably still an addict.

  8. Naomi Wall

    You people are crazy to think that someone with addiction could afford that!!!! People who have an addiction have nothing! But just because they don’t have money doesn’t mean that they don’t have family & God. They don’t need a $85,500 “treatment” spa! Your Passage Malibu needs to be shut down! It is a bunch of BS! When you HELP someone, you are not suppose to expect something in return!!!

  9. P

    You guys, there are other treatment facilities in the world. Calm down. This place is in Malibu and looks like a spa. Of course it’s expensive. It’s geared toward rich, celebrity addicts who can pay for the services they offer. If you can’t afford it then go somewhere else. I wouldn’t be able to afford it but if I could, I wouldn’t want to show up and deal with a bunch of broke drug addicts. I mean, seriously?

  10. mom

    My son is in need of estraordinary help. He is addicted to alcohol and probably pills, and always in a relationship with woman/women who are bullying him and demanding and make him feel bad. I am always petrifed that I will lose him. I could never afford mailibu. Like you who commented I think malibu is all about money. Once the vacation is over and they come back to face reality and the dumb women who put them there – then what? The saga starts all over. The only reason I write is to ask the good people who left comments here to pray for my son, M. Thank you

  11. Tyson

    I was taken aback a bit by the price. However, I just know I need to work harder to afford the treatment. While many people are complaining about the price here, maybe you should think of the benefit and service. Have you ever went into a top of the line store and seen super high prices and wonder how that store stays in business? They stay in business because you aren’t their targeted customer. The people that go there can afford to buy clothes there and that’s their style. Passions Malibu, in my understanding, is for people who want to better their lives forever. Yeah, they might pay a lot for it but the service they get valuable. A business owner does not want to go to a crappy county run addiction clinic and sit next to a urine smelling person that’s only there because the court is making them. Passions is not for you. There’s no need to say that they’re despicable. Just find somewhere else. Me, I choose to work harder so I can afford it. Passions Malibu, I’ll see soon!

  12. Scott

    By no means would I ever be able to afford this. Nor could my parents if I was addicted to something( thankfully not). However, I’m 17, and have a different perspective than everyone else who has commented. This place was ment to be for the rich. This kind of place has a target market of Rich people. Theirs nothing wrong with that, we live in a free country where we can market our goods and services to anyone we want. With that being said, Passages Malibu is not ripping anyone off, because they are only intended for the rich, who are willing to pay a higher price for rehab than others. I don’t see y’all complaining about a Mercedes-Benz costing $85,000 A house down in Malibu can be as much as 10 million dollars! Luxury is something you earn through work in our capitalist society, not a god given right to anybody rich or poor. Bottom line is, is that if Passages is full of paying customers, and they come out addiction free, well then they are doing their job. As for us who can’t afford this? Well, we go find some public rehab facility which we are entitled to. Aka Jail. Life’s not fair guys, and when we live in a free country where people can exclude others based on income levels seems more unfair. But untill our society becomes entirely based on socialism, which it won’t the gap between the rich and the poor will remain at large, and places like this will continue to exist.


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